423 Women was born from the scripture Proverbs 4:23 and is designed to help women pursue healing from bondage of sexual addiction. We do this by stepping into the light through confession and repentance in the context of community. We believe true healing is able to flourish when it is pursued together. 423 Women is committed to renewal and restoration by inviting and allowing the Holy Spirit to transform the way we think. Our small groups meet once a week for nine months, where members work through a two-part curriculum and keep one another accountable. Contact us down below.

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.
— Proverbs 4:23


The moment I found out that my mom struggled with masturbation growing up, I realized I did not want my daughters to struggle with the same. This led me to 423 Women and I am so glad I followed through and joined a group. It has given me all the necessary tools to fight the fight and to overcome temptation. I am able to fight this burning desire with the Word of God and take up a stand against this evil work of the Enemy. 423 Women has made me claim my identity in Christ and walk in victory. I couldn't be more thankful for the leaders and group mates who walked through this journey with me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  

— Liana

the darkness in my life began to fade

Once I made my struggle with sexual addiction known to another woman, the darkness in my life slowly faded. Light started breaking in through the murkiness for the first time. Addiction bred well in solitude and darkness, but when it was exposed to the light it began to lose it's power. The shame started fading. Jesus is light, and stepping into that light was my first step toward freedom and healing. The journey out of addiction wasn't quick or easy, but it was filled with hope. God wanted to be a part of my healing process. It's a battle, but I'm not fighting alone anymore. We are women with swords, who put on armor every day, fighting evil and darkness side by side with each other and God. We bring light into the dark places of the world. We start with our own hearts and minds.

– Kristi

I realized I was not alone in my journey

Every time I walked through those church doors I felt as though everyone could see me baring my scarlet letter..

I finally came to a breaking point in my life where I was so tired of living the life that I thought would fulfill me. The choices I was making in my sexual addition only brought more isolation, shame, guilt and a hatred for myself. I wanted to live a life of freedom and to experience joy, the kind that Jesus promised. So I took a leap of faith and joined 423 women. To my surprise I realized I was not alone in my journey. There were other women who struggled just like me. It turned out to be a safe place for me to learn and understand why I was making the choices I was and to just be my true self. I allowed God to use 423 in my life to find real healing and freedom from bondage. In that healing process I was able to forgive others and more importantly myself. I could finally love me, the women God had created and walk in his love and joy.

- Danielle





i was desperate for a way out of sexual bondage

After many long years of praying desperately for a way out of sexual bondage, God heard and answered my cries for help. 423 Women has served as a catalyst of lasting change and transformation in my life. The opportunity to discover and experience freedom in the context of community gave me hope and courage. I gained new insight and understanding through the curriculum, providing the tools necessary to help me overcome. With the partnership of 423 Women, I have tasted the sweetness of God's redemptive work in and through my life!  

– Amanda

sexual sin is no longer my crutch

I have tried to live through the fog of denial and shame since I was a little girl. Pornography and masturbation used to be the only ways I could experience momentary relief from that. But because of 423 Women and the amazing people I met there, sexual sin is no longer my crutch. With a clarity of mind and faith in my identity as a daughter of God, I am free now. I can see beyond my own pain and fear, and I have been able to experience the life God always intended me to have.

– Jordan


I no longer live in the prison of shame and darkness

I used to believe that I was the only woman who struggled with engaging in sexual acts with men. I lived in constant darkness and shame, always afraid someone might find out my secret. One day I heard a story from a woman who also shared my struggle. She told me there were other women like me, there was help, and most importantly, there was hope.

This led me to go through 423 Women, where I have realized my identity in Jesus, rather than in my sin and my shame. I am no longer a victim of impulses, but have tools to fight back and stay strong. I’m still a work in progress, but continue to seek Jesus for affirmation rather than men. True healing is a process and hard work, but I also know that God is with me and fighting for me every step of the way. I no longer live in the prison of shame and darkness and want to help other women find their freedom as well.

– Rebekah




what kind of commitment am i making?

We ask that all group members make a nine month long commitment. Our leaders facilitate group members through a two-volume curriculum called Eight Pillars to Freedom. This takes the whole nine months to accomplish. 



Meeting times are established a few weeks before group begins. Leaders do their best to accommodate the group's needs.





Your safety is of utmost importance to us. Our leaders take special care in providing the safest possible environment for group members to feel comfortable in. Our contract provides that everything you share remain confidential among fellow group members. 



There is no cover charge to participate in the group, however, the curriculum costs a total of $40 for both books. Our leaders are volunteers and are unpaid.





 Yes, we have a strict attendance policy which allows for a total of three absences. After three given absences, we kindly ask you to leave the group. We take seriously the time and commitment it takes to develop trust among group members, as well as the hard work put forth to move toward healing. 




Do you use a curriculum? Yes, Eight Pillars to Freedom , a two-volume set. We ask that you purchase both books before the first group meeting. Eight Pillars to Freedom is a curriculum written by Diane Roberts with Pure Desire. In addition to this curriculum our groups are structured similarly to those of the other 423 Communities International groups. You can find more details and resources there.



If you're interested in meeting with a 423 Women's leader, confidentially contact a leader via email.



Ready to join A GROUP? 

Print and fill out this intake form and bring to your meeting with a 423 Leader. You can connect with a 423 Leader through our email: 423women@westsideajc.org 



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